Kathleen Baca – Stone Table Ranch LLC, CO

Kathleen is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, and has a BS in Biology. She and her family now operate Stone Table Ranch in Colorado. They raise miniature dairy goats, chickens, turkeys, and now CMD’s. This is Kathleen and Petey.

Dr. Susan Amiee Ornitz – Ward, CO

Susan is a small animal veterinarian in Lyons and Nederland, CO. She and her husband and two children have 7 dogs, 4 cats, Nigerian dwarf goats and chickens. Her CMDs protect their goats and chickens, and also hike/ski/house dog it. This is Susan with Ella and Tesla.

Jen Pace Anderson – Balto Farms, Boulder, CO

Jen has degrees in Physical Therapy and Biology with a genetics background, and owns Balto Farm with her husband, four kids and parents. They raise Alpacas, Babydoll Sheep, King Shepherds, and Colorado Mountain Dogs. Balto Farms offers organic eggs from over 150 chickens and ducks, yarn and wool products, and a lavender and flower farm.


Cat Spydell is an author, editor, and publisher with Mischievous Muse Publishing Arts Alliance who received her MA at California State University, Long Beach. She is a public speaker on environmental issues and stays involved in her community, having served as HOA president, running for city council, and as a lead on Next Door. Cat …


Christopher Smith – Von Midnight Ranch (VMR)

Registrar ❚ Chris, his wife, and their two young sons live on 10 acres in Kentucky. In addition to raising CMDs, they have a small flock of hair sheep and goats, a few German Shepherds and a lovely barn cat. Full-time Chris is a professional firefighter in Louisville and his wife works for Humana.